They grew up during the Depression and shouldered weighty responsibilities during World War II – on the battlefield and in their communities. Linfield College alumni from the 1940s saw their lives turned upside down in many ways, as the war raged and even in the years immediately after. Their stories vary. Mitsue (Endow) Salador ’45 was ordered to an internment camp. Bruce Stewart ’49 enrolled at a fast-changing Linfield after a stint in the U.S. Navy. Margaret (Parent) Lutz ’43 was inspired to join the naval reserves after seeing gold stars representing fallen classmates added to a flag in Melrose Hall. Linfield underwent dramatic change as well, with a drop in enrollment as students left for war and a surge in growth after GIs returned. Read their stories, offered here from interview transcripts, or hear these and other interviews in their own words.



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