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One Hour That Morning: And Other Poems

One Hour That Morning: And Other Poems



One Hour That Morning: And Other Poems is the fifth collection of poetry from Lex Runciman.



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Salmon Poetry


Cliffs of Moher, Country Clare


Creative Writing | Poetry


Cover image and reviews courtesy of Salmon Poetry.

Author/Editor Bio

Lex Runciman is Professor of Creative Writing and Literature at Linfield College. He holds a Ph.D. in English and Creative Writing from the University of Utah, an M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the University of Montana, and a B.A. in English from Santa Clara University.


"In One Hour That Morning we find the whole spectrum of ordinary tragedy and excruciatingly particularized joy, brought to us in a language like cold water over stones, all flourish replaced by clarity, all depiction a kind of painterly ekphrasis, a careful entrance, breath almost held, as though to preserve the momentariness that is the only possibility of perfection in this life. Lex Runciman has given us a book that is wise and beautiful and that the years will not tarnish." - Christopher Howell, author of Dreamless and Possible

"Elegiac, compassionate, movingly wise, Lex Runciman’s new poems offer lyric proofs of a moment’s multiplicity, the multitude of givens in any given moment. Runciman’s world of haunting tropes and music is one in which “Hope wears a sweater with deep pockets./ Despair plays a distant flute in the dark.” This splendid collection’s particulars fulfill the promise made in one poem’s title: encountering these poems, a reader will find that “no one goes unamazed.” No one." - Paulann Peterson, Oregon Poet Laureate, author of Understory

One Hour That Morning: And Other Poems