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The Fire's Journey, Part I: Integration of the Parents

The Fire's Journey, Part I: Integration of the Parents



Eunice Odio published her epic poem The Fire’s Journey (El tránsito de fuego) in 1957, and it is now available in English translation for the first time. A much-neglected masterpiece of 20th-century Latin American poetry, the poem imagines the world as the word of God. Using a mixture of surrealism, narrative, and dialogue, the story follows the journey of Ion, the poet-god who enters the universe to battle the Void, the force of chaos that threatens to cast the world into darkness. Drawing on traditions from Genesis to Paradise Lost, Odio’s The Fire’s Journey is a poem about the sacred power of language and the fate of the poet in the world. Tavern Books will publish the entirety of The Fire’s Journey in four volumes.



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Tavern Books


Portland, Or.


Latin American Literature | Poetry


Description, cover image, and reviews courtesy of Tavern Books.

Author/Editor Bio

Keith Ekiss (Translator) is an instructor in Stanford University's Online Writer's Studio, where he teaches classes in poetry and creative non-fiction.

Sonia Ticas (Translator) is Associate Professor of Spanish and Coordinator of Latin American Studies at Linfield College. She holds a Ph.D. in Romance Language and Literature from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.A. from California State University-Northridge.

Mauricio Espinoza (Translator) is a poet and journalist from Costa Rica.

Eunice Odio is considered the leading Costa Rican poet of the twentieth century. In addition to her poetry, Odio was the author of short stories and numerous political and cultural essays. She died in Mexico City in 1974.

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Living library (Portland, Or.)


"Bravo for this extraordinary, timely, and fearless translation of Eunice Odio, Costa Rica’s most distinguished poet. The Fire’s Journey is a singular, highly complex poem of creation, redemption, and personal spirituality. This translation is woven with a rare elegance, and Odio’s sacred voice is as compelling in English as it is in the original. A true achievement." - Marjorie Agosín

The Fire's Journey, Part I: Integration of the Parents