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Silent Conversations: Reading the Bible in Good Company


Silent Conversations: Reading the Bible in Good Company



What would it be like to read the Bible in the company of some of Christianity’s most highly regarded saints and sages, past and present—people such as John Wesley; Thomas Merton; Mother Teresa; C.S. Lewis; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; and Martin Luther King, Jr.?

This is exactly the kind of experience author William Apel provides in this novel approach to meditative Scripture reading. Arranged according to the thematic sections of faith, hope, and love, each chapter begins with a Bible passage highly significant in the life of a sage or saint, a quote from the writings of that sage, and an examination of that person’s connection to a particular Scripture before embarking on a probing journey of the biblical text itself. The author brings to life the insights of his “faithful cloud of witnesses” in ways that supply contemporary Christians with wisdom and inspiration.



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Judson Press


Valley Forge, PA


Biblical Studies | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Description, cover image, and reviews courtesy of Judson Press.

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Bible -- Reading; Christian biography; Bible -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.

Author/Editor Bio

William D. Apel is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Linfield College. He holds a Ph.D. from Northwest University, an M.Div. from Garrett Theological Seminary, and a B.A. from Muskingum College.


"In a novel approach to meditative Scripture reading, the author teaches biblical themes by introducing saints and sages of the past and present - people such as St. Augustine, Julian of Norwich, John Wesley, Thomas Merton, Mother Teresa, C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Martin Luther King Jr. A good resource for either individual or group study, Silent Conversations provides a springboard for further study of both the Bible and biographies."- Baptists Today

Silent Conversations: Reading the Bible in Good Company