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The Play Book: Connecting to the Creative Impulse


The Play Book: Connecting to the Creative Impulse



The power of play is instrumental in opening approaches to creative experience that will expand and energize how you solve problems. Scheduling play into your daily routine is like taking vitamins. You automatically build in positive expectations—for fun, and having fun is a tonic for creativity. Play requires the same mindset for an adult as it did when you were a child. It is a state of opportunity with infinite possibilities. No rules. Play allows all possibilities. The play imperative is about jumpstarting your consciousness—by breaking the habit of ordinary, repetitive routines and introducing play as an essential nutrient for creative living. It is not goofing off. Play has the potential to shift our gears and engage the creative engine of life—to surprise us with unexpected answers to daily problems. By learning to play again and making playfulness a part of our conscious experience, life changes dramatically and creatively. Play is a fundamental state of being, crucial to creative awareness. Play power is a modulus for creativity, a gift that can be nurtured as a tool for opening the wonderful world of imagination.



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Bloomington, IN


Art and Design | Art Practice | Psychology


Description and cover image courtesy of Trafford Publishing.

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Play -- Psychological aspects; Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)

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Nils Lou is Professor of Ceramics and Sculpture at Linfield College. He holds an M.A. from the University of Michigan and a B.S. from the University of Michigan.

The Play Book: Connecting to the Creative Impulse