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Priesthood in Ancient Israel


Priesthood in Ancient Israel



The goal of this work is to recover for Protestant Christians the spirituality of the priestly traditions of ancient Israel. Journeying into the underutilized regions of the Hebrew Bible, Millar shows readers how and what those priestly traditions can teach us about options open to us in our spiritual quest. Each book in this series provides an in-depth look at a major recurring biblical theme and its lasting theological influence. The series is designed to enhance the reader's understanding of our biblical heritage and its relevance to faithful life today.



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Chalice Press


St. Louis, MO


Biblical Studies | History of Religions of Western Origin


Description, cover image, and reviews courtesy of Chalice Press.

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Priests, Jewish; Spirituality -- Biblical teaching; Bible. O.T. -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.

Author/Editor Bio

William R. Millar is Professor of Religion at Linfield College. He holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University, a B.D. from Andover Newton Theological School, and a B.A. from Linfield College.

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Understanding biblical themes


“Recovering the spirituality of the Priestly tradition of ancient Israel is the stated purpose of this book. To this end the author examines the stories about priests who play important roles in the lives of the people of their times. Three specific periods are examined: the time of Moses, the tribal period, and the time of the monarchy. A fourth chapter treats the forward-looking view of apocalyptic. What makes this book interesting reading is the focus on Priestly spirituality and not merely Priestly practice. . . . The book is both informative and engaging.” - The Bible Today

"William R. Millar's Priesthood in Ancient Israel is an intriguing merging of literary, historical, and spiritual perspectives. This merger yields an attractive hypothesis regarding who ancient Israel's priests were and why they told the story the way we find it in the Bible today." - Richard Elliott Friedman, University of California-San Diego

"Imagination and story bring to life the familiar yet often neglected concept of Israelite priesthood as Millar explores not only the role of priests but also their spirituality. Novel in its approach and engaging in its style, this work aims to help contemporary readers understand the unique contributions that various Old Testament priests (e.g., Abiathar, Zadok, Aaron) have made to their respective communities and how such contributions continue to have a positive and influential effect on believing communities today." - Carol J. Dempsey, University of Portland

Priesthood in Ancient Israel