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The Fire's Journey, Part IV: The Return

The Fire's Journey, Part IV: The Return



Volume III of The Fire’s Journey concludes with Ion supervising the construction and reconstruction of a great cathedral, the house of light designed to repel the Void. What remains for Ion in Volume IV is to celebrate his victory over Chaos, to seek recognition as “the maker of all things,” and to pass along the sacred word to humankind. In The Return, we quickly realize that Ion is not alone in the world as a maker. Odio introduces a minor pantheon of gods from diverse religions, and her own invention, who accompany Ion and Dedalus on their way to the celebration. Together, they advance toward the city in anticipation of a celebration of all things.



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Tavern Books


Portland, OR


Latin American Literature | Poetry


Description, cover image, and reviews courtesy of Tavern Books.

Author/Editor Bio

Keith Ekiss (Translator) is a lecturer at Stanford University, where he teaches classes in poetry and creative expression.

Sonia Ticas (Translator) is Professor of Spanish and Coordinator of Latin American Studies at Linfield College. She holds a Ph.D. in Romance Language and Literature from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.A. from California State University-Northridge.

Mauricio Espinoza (Translator) is a poet and journalist from Costa Rica.

Eunice Odio is considered the leading Costa Rican poet of the twentieth century. In addition to her poetry, Odio was the author of short stories and numerous political and cultural essays. She died in Mexico City in 1974.

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Living library (Portland, Or.)


"The cardinal virtue of Eunice Odio’s works is their exceptional quality, immersed in a captivating and evocative atmosphere that rewards sensitive souls with inner experiences that open up into wide horizons. Her masterpiece, the magnificent metaphysical poem El tránsito de fuego, is one of the greatest works of poetry of all time.” - Peggy von Mayer Chaves

The Fire's Journey, Part IV: The Return