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The Ethics of Voting

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American Politics | Ethics and Political Philosophy | Public Policy


In this lecture, part of the "Author Meets Critic" series at Linfield College, Dr. Jason Brennan (assistant professor of philosophy, research at Brown University) provides framing comments on his book The Ethics of Voting, in which he challenges fundamental assumptions about voting. Brennan reveals voting may not be a duty for most citizens and argues that many people owe it to other citizens not to vote, since bad choices at the polls can result in unjust laws, needless wars, and calamitous economic policies. Following Brennan's introductory remarks, Dr. Tamara Metz (assistant professor of political science at Reed College) and Dr. John Holzwarth (assistant professor of political science at Lewis & Clark College) provide critical commentary.


Sponsored by the Linfield College Dean's Speaker Fund and the Charles G. Koch Foundation.