Other Lectures


This collection includes a variety of lectures sponsored by departments and academic programs at Linfield University.


Lectures from 2020

She Shreds: Women in Action Sport, Jenn Gabrielli, Wanda Rozwadowska, Claire Buchar, Charli Kerns, Sima Safavi-Bayat, and Natalie Welch

Lectures from 2019

The Making of a Democratic Economy, Marjorie Kelly

Lectures from 2018

Prepare Out Loud, Steven T. Eberlein, Mary Starrett, and Brian Young

Lectures from 2017

Yes Men: Direct Action for Environmental Justice, Mike Bonnano

The Current State of International Marketing, Alex Gambal

Lives in Limbo, Roberto G. Gonzales

Linfield through the Years, Thomas L. Hellie, Thomas Love, Brenda DeVore Marshall, Peter N. Richardson, and Barbara Kitt Seidman

From Linfield School of Nursing to the Pearl of Africa: A Nurse's Journey into Global Health Education, Casey Jones

What's Race Got to Do with It? African American Literature and the Ethics of Reading, Lesley Larkin

Communication, Communion and Confrontation in Puerto Rican Art, Antonio Martorell

Yo Soy Así: Identidad, Dibujo y Palabra, Antonio Martorell, Sonia P. Ticas, and Tania Carrasquillo Hernández

Lectures from 2016

The Miracle of Our Shared Space, Teju Cole

The 2016 Presidential Election, U.S. Foreign Policy, and the Future of World Order, M. Patrick Cottrell

Linfield College Wine Lecture Series: Managing Expectations: The Microbiome in Agriculture, Jack A. Gilbert

Self-Publishing Panel Discussion, Ellie Gunn, Karen Huntsberger, Randy Stapilus, Stephen Long, and Frank Lisciandro

Net Energy and Our Food-Energy-Water Future, Charles Hall

Northwest Wineries Mergers and Acquisitions: An Industry in Transition, Erik McLaughlin

Noticing Nature and Awe: The Unique Is Not Rare, Noticing It Is, George Lee Moore

Linfield College Wine Lecture Series: What I've Learned in 50 Years of Viticulture: And Some Messages for Oregon, Richard Smart

Timely Trunk Renewal: A New Protocol to Help Protect Grapevines from Trunk Disease, and to Restore Health, Richard Smart

What Is New with Canopy Management?, Richard Smart

Iraq and Afghanistan: America's Longest Wars . . . What's Ahead?, J. Kael Weston

Lectures from 2015

Linfield College Opening Convocation: Chance Favors the Prepared Mind, Theresa Betancourt

Linfield College Wine Lecture Series: Susan Sokol Blosser, Susan Sokol Blosser

What We Don't Know CAN Hurt Us, Thomas Davis

Lectures from 2014

Happiness, Time and Sustainability: Make the Connections, John de Graaf

Tell Me a Story (with Numbers, Too), Jim Tankersley

Lectures from 2013

Climate, Grapes, and Wine: Structure, Suitability and Sustainability in a Changing Climate, Gregory V. Jones

Unraveling the Mystique of Terroir: Wine's Sense of Place, Gregory V. Jones

Questions for the Wine Writer, Doug Tunnell and Katherine Cole

Lectures from 2012

Empire of Humanity: A History of Humanitarianism, Michael Barnett

Redeeming Democracy in America, Susan McWilliams

Understanding Unconscious Bias and Unintentional Racism, Jean Moule

Get Your BLUEMiND On: Exploring the Neuroscience of Our Emotional Connection to Water, the Sea and Our Natural World, Wallace J. Nichols

Solving America's Power Problem: Why a More Modest Foreign Policy and a Smaller Military Will Keep Us Safe and Free, Christopher Preble

Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State, David Price

Teamwork across Disciplines: Sport Management Studies in the 21st Century, Robert C. Schneider

Traditional Medicinal Plant Use in Latin America, Anna Sours and Susana Fajardo

Lectures from 2011

The Ethics of Voting, Jason Brennan, Tamara Metz, and John Holzwarth

A Patriot Protects His Country from His Government: An Address to Mark the 10th Anniversary of the Patriot Act, Bruce Fein

Linfield College Opening Convocation: The Happiness Hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt

Untying the Knot: Marriage, the State & the Case for Their Divorce, Tamara Metz