Inauguration Lectures


This collection includes videos associated with presidential inaugurations at Linfield University.


Videos from 2019

Inauguration of Dr. Miles K. Davis, Wajdi Said, J.W. Matt Hennessee, David C. Baca, Kainoa Cuttitta, Kristen Teel Taylor, Scott Hill, Steve Bils, Bryon Grigsby, John Syring, Susan Agre-Kippenhan, Phylicia Rashad, Tracy Fitzsimmons, Miles K. Davis, and Erika Marksbury

"Well Grounded": Traditional Management of Root Vegetables in Northwestern North America, Nancy Turner

Linfield Faculty: Global Thinkers, Locally Engaged, Lissa K. Wadewitz, Chadwick V. Tillberg, Marie Chantalle Mofin Noussi, Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, and Jackson B. Miller