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Stratospheric Ozone Depleting HCFC 142b, Ten Years Later: Global Warming Consequences, Alternatives and What's to Come

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Environmental Chemistry | Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment


A decade ago, a class project in Jim Diamond's Linfield College chemistry classes had a major impact on a proposed industrial plan in Oregon. Diamond (professor of chemistry) and his class found that DEQ (the Department of Environmental Quality) erred in estimating the impact of a proposed air quality permit for a new Owens Corning Corporation polystyrene foam insulation board manufacturing facility in Gresham, Oregon. DEQ's estimate was wrong by a factor of more than 1000 times, and Diamond and his class testified at the permit hearing, leading to lawsuits against the manufacturer and DEQ. In this faculty lecture, Diamond provides a retrospective of the Owens Corning case and decision and the relation between stratospheric ozone depletion and global warming, with a look at current circumstances and what is to come.


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