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Community Media in the 21st Century: Participatory Culture and the Revitalization of Democracy

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Broadcast and Video Studies | Mass Communication


Operating alongside for-profit commercial media companies such as NBC and Fox, and nonprofit public media organizations such as NPR and PBS, the "third sector" of community media provides a way for ordinary citizens to participate directly in the organization, production, and distribution of radio, television, and multimedia content. This presentation explores how people around the world are democratizing human culture through community media projects and programs. Investigating the concept of public value in mass media, the research looks at cases from North America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Rim, and examines the performance of community media based on missions, governance structures, content, and mechanisms of public involvement. Dr. Michael Huntsberger assistant professor of mass communication at Linfield College) also discusses how community media build social capital through direct citizen engagement.


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