2012 Kemper Internships

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Students enrolled in the Regional Interdisciplinary Internship course prepare final presentations covering all of their work during the spring semester and present their work to their colleagues, Linfield staff and faculty, community partners, and community sponsors of the internship programs. Cesar Bueno interned with McMinnville High School and gave this presentation as part of his Kemper Internship during 2012.

The purpose of this project was to interact more closely with the Latino population at McMinnville High School. Through this internship, struggling English Language Learner (ELL) students were approached and helped to better their academic standing. Parents of these students were also given information through the High School’s monthly ELL Parent Night Meetings, where parents were educated on topics such as reading and understanding a report card, clubs and sports students can become involved with, and how they can assist students at home. ELL students were provided with information regarding higher education and the purpose and opportunities this can present in their future. Overall, the main focus was to create a stronger bond between Latino students and parents and the high school to help these students succeed in their future.


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