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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Entomology


This letter from Dr. Lawrence W. Quate is one of many such letters received by Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds. Dirks-Edmunds consulted a number of experts to help identify the specimens she collected while conducting fieldwork. Quate was an expert on midges, also known as psychodids. Many of the colleagues with whom Dirks-Edmunds corresponded resided far afield from her research site on Saddleback Mountain in Oregon.

Dirks-Edmunds, a 1937 graduate of Linfield College, graduated from the University of Illinois in 1941; she returned to teach in the Biology department at Linfield from 1941-1974.


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Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds Papers. Jereld R. Nicholson Library. Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon. Donated by Lyle Hubbard, 2014.



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