Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in Journalism and Media Studies at Linfield University.


Events from 2022

Assessing News Source Credibility: Digital Natives vs Traditional News Natives, Ben O’Loughlin '22

Events from 2021

COVID-19's Impact on the Small Town of McMinnville: A Mini Documentary, Dane Affleck

Great, Groovy Gatsby: A Short Radio Play, Kendall Harrison, Alexandra Feller, Nathaly Sanchez, and Dane Affleck

First, But Certainly Not Last: First-Generation Student Experiences, Rosario Rucoba and Patricia Bocanegra Sanchez

Events from 2020


Underfunded, Understaffed, Overachieving: The Experiences of College Journalists across the Country in a Changing Media Field, Elin Johnson

Stir Crazy: A Short Film, Sydney Joss

Events from 2019

Toxic: A Short Film, Bruce Li


An Elephant Never Forgets: The Dark Side of Tourism in Thailand, Liam Pickhardt

Neck Braces in Motocross, Malia Riggs

Market Research for Artist Website, Gillian Wilson

Events from 2018

The Metalhead Magazine Prototype, Kellie Bowen

Associated Students of Linfield College Public Relations Plan, Matt Totaro

Waiting for Peace, Matt Totaro, Grey Patterson, Michael Huntsberger, and Karen Huntsberger

Events from 2017

PR Campaign for McMinnville Area Habitat for Humanity, Emily Eisert

The Tattoo Taboo Project, Rosa E. Johnson

Public Relations Materials for Juliette's House in McMinnville, Mikaela Viloria


Public Spaces and Information: How Oregon Libraries Are Helping the Homeless, Jonathan Williams

Events from 2016

Skybound Blue Press Kit, Eve G. Brindis

Lyra, Michael Cooney


Your Day, Your Way, Alexandra Deraita


Intel Vitality Program Campaign, Katie DeVore

Cougar's Mark Public Relations Campaign, Morgan L. Gerke

The Highs and Lows of Type 1 Diabetes, Rachael L. Gernhart

McMinnville, Ellen Massey

Linfield Wildcat Football Audio Presentation, Kevin M. Nelson

Events from 2015


Behind the Door, Rhianna M. Bennett

The Historic and Contemporary Roles of Noncommercial Public Service Media across Local, Regional, National and Transnational Cultures, Kelsey R.H. Tanouye

Events from 2014

How Oregon Wineries Use Facebook and Website Content to Shape their Reputation and Engage Consumers, Katelyn Henson, Katherine Byers, Shelby VandeBergh, and Ashley Streich


Rollcats: The Linfield Baseball Team, Sara N. Miller


Opportunities and Constraints for Independent Digital Magazine Publishing, Susan Currie Sivek and Alyssa Townsend

Events from 2012


McMinnville 100 Years Ago - Women's Roles, Alison F. Bouchard, Danielle M. Bruno, and Ashleigh Rousselle

The Pinot Chronicles: 25 Years of Oregon’s International Pinot Noir Celebration, Paloma A. Dale and Nicholaus Miles


McMinnville Agriculture 1912, Brinn Hovde, Rachel Go, and Michael Sanchez


Civic Life in McMinnville - Wortman Family, Samantha Johnson, Jordan Mixsell, and Dan Hellinger


Daily Life in McMinnville 100 Years Ago, Ian J. Rapport, Louise Winsnes, and Lindsey Hacker


Transportation in McMinnville 100 Years Ago, Yin Xiao, Joanna Peterson, and Justin Derby