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Applied Ethics | Cognition and Perception | Journalism Studies | Mass Communication | Psychology


News literacy education has long focused on the significance of facts, sourcing, and verifiability. While these are critical aspects of news, rapidly developing emotion analytics technologies intended to respond to and even alter digital news audiences’ emotions also demand that we pay greater attention to the role of emotion in news consumption. This essay explores the role of emotion in the “fake news” phenomenon and the implementation of emotion analytics tools in news distribution. I examine the function of emotion in news consumption and the status of emotion within existing news literacy training programs. Finally, I offer suggestions for addressing emotional responses to news with students, including both mindfulness techniques and psychological research on thinking processes.

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Susan Currie Sivek
Both facts and feelings: Emotion and news literacy.
Journal of Media Literacy Education, 2018, volume 10, issue 2, pages 123-138



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