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All the translators of Aśokan Rock Edict–I agree that it carries Aśoka’s message against killing. But when we examine the subject matter of the edict, it appears disjointed. It starts with an injunction against killing of living beings, then jumps to advice against celebrations, and then it reverts back to the original topic and informs us that the emperor has taken steps to reduce slaughter of living beings in the royal kitchen. It is difficult to understand why Aśoka had to talk about celebrations in an edict focused on reducing slaughter of animals. Apparently, we have not understood accurately what Aśoka wanted to convey. It is hypothesized in this article that the problem is mainly due to incorrect interpretation of the word pajohitaviye. A different meaning of the word is proposed, leading to a revised translation of the edict. It becomes clear from the proposed translation that Aśoka’s advice against celebrations is not a digression from the key topic of the edict; it follows naturally. Moreover, the revised translation agrees with what Aśoka has said elsewhere. This brings about a better understanding of Aśoka’s views on killing.



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