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Thesis (Open Access)

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Bachelor of Arts in History



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Sharon Bailey Glasco

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Economic History | European History | History | Political History


There are so many important stories to consider when thinking about World War II. It is easy to think about the popular aspects of the war: the causes, the major figures, the battles, and, of course, the lasting consequences. Yet there are other, lesser known storylines to consider, ones that have taken a backseat to the more popular narratives of the time. It is commonly understood that Nazi Germany was evil and that they had nothing but ill intentions for the rest of Europe and the world. However, it is vital to understand that Germany’s pre-war intentions are notably different from the infamous events that we have come to know. To truly understand German ambitions in the mid-Twentieth Century, it is important to look back at the lasting consequences that Europe faced after the Great War. By studying the political and economic ambitions of Nazi Germany, we can begin to gain a better understanding of their wars of conquest and subsequent victories and defeats in World War II.