Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications


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Books from 2018

Confucian Capitalism: Shibusawa Eiichi, Business Ethics, and Economic Development in Meiji Japan, John H. Sagers

Books from 2016

East Asia: A Documentary History, John H. Sagers, Mark Caprio, Stephen Udry, and Ping Yao

Submissions from 2014


Shibusawa Eiichi, Dai Ichi Bank, and the Spirit of Japanese Capitalism, 1860-1930, John Sagers

Books from 2012

The Nature of Borders: Salmon, Boundaries, and Bandits on the Salish Sea, Lissa K. Wadewitz

Books from 2011

Captives of Revolution: The Socialist Revolutionaries and the Bolshevik Dictatorship, 1918-1923, Scott B. Smith

Books from 2010

Constructing Mexico City: Colonial Conflicts over Culture, Space, and Authority, Sharon Bailey Glasco

Books from 2006

Origins of Japanese Wealth and Power: Reconciling Confucianism and Capitalism, 1830-1885, John H. Sagers