Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in Global Languages and Cultural Studies at Linfield University.


Events from 2022

Valencian and Castilian: A Panorama of Urban and Rural Diglossia in the Valencian Community of Spain, David Magnello

Events from 2021


The Colonization of Africa and the Propagation of HIV, Anna Akots

Events from 2018

"It's not easy": The Experiences of Cuban Emigrant Women, Odalys Diaz

Across a Hundred Mountains: Connecting with a Novel through Creative Projects, Patricia Luis Hernandez, Fátima Falcon Ontiveros, Viviana Cisneros, Zeila Medina, and Raúl Sánchez

Events from 2017

The Nova Cançó throughout Time: The Fight to Sustain Catalán Culture under Francoist Influence, Finley R. Brogan

Across a Hundred Mountains: Connecting with a Novel through Creative Projects, Mayra Ceja Garibay, Vanessa Aviles, Soledad Garay, Elide Sanchez, Maria Gabriela Sanchez, and April Alvarez

Monstrous Dolls: The Abject Body in Rosario Ferré’s Work, Mackenzie Fraser


The Unknown Father and the Rediscovered Motherland of a Pied-Noir, Ben Niesen

Events from 2016

Creative Projects Based on the Novel, Beyond a Hundred Mountains, Sandra García-Hernández, Lizette Becerra, Efrain Martinez-Santos, Gabriela Aguilar-Lopez, and Odalys Diaz

Submissions from 2015

Spanish Panel on Cuba, Nick Gellos, Lexy Chapman, Ellen Massey, Whitney Z. Brittingham, Flora V. Maciel Garibay, and Joel Trousdale

L'Oregon: A Look at French Members of the Oregon Wine Industry, Sherilyn J. Harrington


Yōkai in Japanese Popular Culture Today, Lauren M. Inaba


Alexandra David-Néel: A Pioneer of Buddhism in France, Lauren Orr


Ethnic Korean Education in Japan, Cody Purchase


How to Change a Culture: Residential Tourism, Postmodernism, and Radical Transformation on the Iberian Peninsula, Joel Trousdale