Student Presentations

Student Presentations


This collection contains presentations by students in Global Languages and Cultural Studies at Linfield College.


Events from 2018

"It's not easy": The Experiences of Cuban Emigrant Women, Odalys Diaz

Across a Hundred Mountains: Connecting with a Novel through Creative Projects, Patricia Luis Hernandez, Fátima Falcon Ontiveros, Viviana Cisneros, Zeila Medina, and Raúl Sánchez

Events from 2017

The Nova Cançó throughout Time: The Fight to Sustain Catalán Culture under Francoist Influence, Finley R. Brogan

Across a Hundred Mountains: Connecting with a Novel through Creative Projects, Mayra Ceja Garibay, Vanessa Aviles, Soledad Garay, Elide Sanchez, Maria Gabriela Sanchez, and April Alvarez

Monstrous Dolls: The Abject Body in Rosario Ferré’s Work, Mackenzie Fraser


The Unknown Father and the Rediscovered Motherland of a Pied-Noir, Ben Niesen

Events from 2016

Creative Projects Based on the Novel, Beyond a Hundred Mountains, Sandra García-Hernández, Lizette Becerra, Efrain Martinez-Santos, Gabriela Aguilar-Lopez, and Odalys Diaz

Submissions from 2015

Spanish Panel on Cuba, Nick Gellos, Lexy Chapman, Ellen Massey, Whitney Z. Brittingham, Flora V. Maciel Garibay, and Joel Trousdale

L'Oregon: A Look at French Members of the Oregon Wine Industry, Sherilyn J. Harrington


Yōkai in Japanese Popular Culture Today, Lauren M. Inaba


Alexandra David-Néel: A Pioneer of Buddhism in France, Lauren Orr


Ethnic Korean Education in Japan, Cody Purchase


How to Change a Culture: Residential Tourism, Postmodernism, and Radical Transformation on the Iberian Peninsula, Joel Trousdale