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Tania Carrasquillo Hernández's research on race, gender, and sexuality has led her to develop a more specific interest in the study of childhood and sexuality in literature and cinema. This article, based on a presentation given at the Hispanic Literatures Across Cultures Conference (October 6–8, 2016 at Fresno Pacific University), analyzes the representation of boyhood and masculinity in contemporary Cuban and Venezuelan cinema via the films Conducta (2014, directed by Ernesto Daranas) and Pelo Malo (2013, directed by Mariana Rondón).

In the case of Chala (Armando Valdes Freire, Conducta), Carrasquillo Hernández explores how his masculinity is related to the anguish of having to take care of an addicted mother and how this anxiety has been transformed into an uncontrolled violence that affects his presence in a public middle school in Havana. In the case of Junior (Samuel Lange Zambrano, Pelo Malo), Carrasquillo Hernández argues that his mother, an unemployed and marginalized woman, is constantly questioning his masculinity. Junior, in contrast to Chala, is subjugated not only by his social marginality but also by the euphoric conservatism of a mother who constantly identifies her son’s sensitivity as a symbol of a “diffuse sexuality” that needs to be rearticulated, cured, and masculinized.

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Tania Carrasquillo Hernández
Infancia (in)visible: La subjetividad de la niñez como transgresión a la marginalidad en las películas Conducta y Pelo Malo.
In Literaturas a Través de las "Culturas" de las Américas, edited by Gina Ponce de León
2017, pages 58-87, Torre Gráfica: Bogota



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