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Child Psychology | Developmental Psychology | Pacific Islands Languages and Societies


During my 2015-2016 sabbatical, I achieved several goals. First, I published a manuscript in Child Development based on a research project conducted at Linfield. Additionally, I have two other manuscripts and a book chapter submitted and under review. Second, I conducted research for and developed a January term course, Risk and Resiliency in Pacific Islander Cultures; the initial course proposal has been approved by Linfield’s Curriculum Committee. Third, I continued work on my research project on the effects of viewing objectified images of athletes on adolescents and young adults. Based on data I’ve collected, I co-presented a poster at the Digital Media and Developing Minds conference and have been working on a manuscript to be submitted for publication in September 2016. I also designed a follow-up study with my co-collaborator Elizabeth Daniels (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs) that utilizes a behavioral measurement of self-objectification; data collection for this study is now underway. Finally, I had several opportunities to disseminate my research to non-academic audiences: invited talks at the Yamhill Early Learning Hub (Forum on Early Brain Development) and a Newberg (Oregon) School District Parent Workshop, as well as 6 entries for my blog, MediaMomPhd.


This research was conducted as part of a sabbatical leave in 2015-2016.

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