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Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics


During my fall 2015 sabbatical, I continued my research in competitive graph coloring. I published a paper on the game chromatic index of k-degenerate graphs in the journal Order, as well as a paper on classifying trees and forests relative to their game chromatic number in the journal Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. The first was a collaboration with colleague Jennifer Nordstrom, and both were collaborations with former undergraduates. I also worked with Linfield colleague Mike Hitchman to complete a paper on tiling, stemming from collaborative research with undergraduates in the summer of 2013; that paper is now under review. In addition, I presented a compilation of work (completed with undergraduates) on competitive graph coloring at the Third Gdańsk Workshop on Graph Theory in Gdańsk, Poland.


This research was conducted as part of a sabbatical leave in 2015.

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