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Art Practice | Fine Arts | Photography


During my sabbatical of fall 2014 I completed two bodies of photographic work. One is a series of images of people with mental illness and the other is a group of photographs that I took of people on the streets in Barcelona, Spain. In the series Dualities I took two portraits of people who have Bipolar or Depression. One shows how the person wants to be seen in the world. For example they might be posed in a formal portrait, playing the guitar or working in an artist studio. The second image is personal space where they retreat during depressive states. Under each image the person writes what it’s like to be in that state of mind. I made a total of 37 images with models from Portland, Seattle and New York City.

During October I traveled to Spain where I spent two weeks in Barcelona taking photos. I took pictures of solitary figures in the midst of the busy city. I completed a small body of work of 10 images.


This research was conducted as part of a sabbatical leave in 2014.

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