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Developing a Regional Input/Output Model of the Yamhill County Economy

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Regional Economics


Input/output models can identify how different sectors of a region’s economy are interrelated through employment and income effects. The IMPLAN economic modeling system was used to develop a baseline economic model of Yamhill County using the county’s 2011 regional economy as a base. Shocks simulating changes in agriculture, tourism, and the aviation services industry were simulated to assess how the regional economy responds to growth or contraction in these industrial sectors. Preliminary results suggest that changes in the aviation services sector of the economy (such as the recent bankruptcy of Evergreen Aviation) have relatively greater impacts on the county’s economy than events in the other analyzed sectors. More specifically, preliminary results suggest that the 2013 layoff of 365 employees at Evergreen Aviation led to a total reduction of 225 jobs in the county with 137 of these jobs being directly lost in the aviation services sector and with the bulk of the remaining job losses occurring indirectly in food services (22 job losses) and sightseeing/transportation sectors (20 job losses). However, it should be noted that these anticipated job losses occurred in a regional economy with an employment base of 44,366 jobs and are therefore rather modest within the context of the overall regional economy.


This research was conducted as part of a Linfield College Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grant in 2013-2014, funded by the Office of Academic Affairs.

The student collaborator was Alyssa Thiel.

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