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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Fruit Science | Plant Biology


The bulk of my Fall 2014 Sabbatical was spent on two projects. The first was my ongoing research into strawberry evolution. For this collaborative project I was working with colleagues on data analysis and beginning to write our manuscript. The data analysis is largely completed at this point, and I was able to write the introduction of the manuscript during sabbatical moving us a long way forward towards our goal of summer submittal. Secondly, I prepped a Jan-term study abroad course to New Zealand that is scheduled to be offered in January of 2017. I spent five weeks in New Zealand studying ecosystems on both the north and south islands, and located field sites suitable for the course and developed an outline of the course syllabus. Upon return I have submitted necessary documents to the Curriculum Committee for official approval.


This research was conducted as part of a sabbatical leave in 2014.

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