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Launching through the Surf: The Dory Fleet of Pacific City Part II: An Interdisciplinary, Collaborative, Scholarly, and Creative Project

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Cultural History | Library and Information Science | Oral History | Playwriting | Speech and Rhetorical Studies | Theatre and Performance Studies


This project continued investigations of the Pacific City Dory fleet begun in summer 2011. The 2012- 2013 phase included the collection of oral histories from 39 dorymen and women through formal interviews and from an additional 47 individuals during brief on-the-spot interviews as well as continued development of collections in DigitalCommons@Linfield. The venture also included the creation of a fictional playscript, inspired by and drawn from the interviews and other collected materials, as well as pre-production and production work for the play, resulting in a fully-realized production that played for a total of eight performances in McMinnville and Pacific City. The study continued the project’s focus on documenting an important facet of Oregon’s history and uncovering the salient communication patterns, unique cultural experiences, and challenges faced by the dory community. This project contributed to four major areas of scholarly and creative endeavor. First, oral histories and associated artifacts have been and will continue to be archived in Linfield’s digital repository. Second, recorded interviews and archival documents provided primary source material for an original play. Third, results of the investigation and reflections on the collaborative process (in which interdisciplinary scholarly and artistic traditions intersect) led to faculty publications and presentations for professional conferences and webinars. Finally, students presented posters at the 2013 Student Collaborative Research and Creative Projects Symposium as well as at regional professional conferences.


This research was conducted as part of a Linfield College Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grant in 2012-2013, funded by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Student collaborators were Caitlyn Olson, Andrea Snyder, and Whitney Weber.

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