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During my fall 2017 sabbatical, I continued to develop my historic research on the life and times of Emily Loveridge, the founding Superintendent of the Good Samaritan Training School for Nurses. During my previous sabbatical, in fall 2007, both primary and secondary research sources were utilized and culminated in a manuscript about her. This paper focused on Ms. Loveridge’s accomplishments as both superintendent of the training program as well as her subsequent role as administrator of Good Samaritan Hospital. The manuscript was submitted to a regional history journal and while there was interest in the topic, it was recommended that further information be developed that contextualized the times in which she held these positions (1890-1930). That was the focus of this sabbatical.

Subsequently, many books and articles were reviewed that discussed the roles of administrators of nursing education programs as well as hospital administrators during the late 1800’s through the early 20th century. Several themes emerged from these readings. For example, significant changes occurred in nursing education, as it emerged from an apprenticeship model of learning to a formal, prescribed curriculum designed initially by hospital-based programs of learning. In addition, in large hospitals, administrator positions were often held by men, whose formal preparation was their education as physicians. Nurses frequently held these positions in smaller hospitals. With time, the role of the hospital administrator changed, and those seeking such positions were expected to have a formal college education in hospital administration. At this point I am just beginning to rewrite the work completed previously and will focus on the roles of nurse administrators during times of significant change when they faced many critical issues. Ms. Loveridge will serve as an exemplar of that period.


This research was conducted as part of a sabbatical leave in 2017.

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