Environmental Studies Student Papers


This collection highlights papers from students in the Environmental Studies Department at Linfield University. It includes legacy content from two other collections: Papers from ENVS 385 (Research Methods in Environmental Science) and Papers from ENVS 485 (Environmental Problem-Solving Seminar).


Submissions from 2017


Examining Water Quality along Cozine Creek, Noah Berg, Hayden Cooksy, Gabrielle Esparza, Kyle Huizinga, Peri Muellner, Mehana Sabado-Halpern, and Connor Sende

Submissions from 2013


Comparative Water Quality of Cozine, Gooseneck and Mill Creeks, Shelby Hollenbeck, Emily Isaac, Suzannah Klaniecki, Zach Lea, Meghan Lockwood, and Xavier Reed


Can Yamhill County Feed Itself?, Katie O'Brien, Katharine Holm, Kourtney Bailey, Suzannah Klaniecki, Zach Lea, and Madison Sanchez