Papers from ENVS 385 (Research Methods in Environmental Science)

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Environmental Sciences | Water Resource Management


The environmental research methods class of fall 2013 analyzed the water quality of three creeks in the Yamhill (Oregon) Watershed: Cozine, Gooseneck, and Mill Creeks. Our research builds on data collected by previous years' classes (Colahan et al. 2011; Weinbender and Crane 2011; Bailey et al. 2012). The goals of the project were to gain a better understanding of water quality at each site, see how the sites differ, determine causes for any differences, and examine changes in water quality over time. Because Cozine is surrounded by an urban environment, whereas both Gooseneck and Mill are in a rural setting, we hypothesized that Cozine would have the lowest overall water quality. The Greater Yamhill Watershed Council did restoration projects in Gooseneck Creek (Waterways Consulting 2013), so we also hypothesized that the water quality should be improving over time in Gooseneck and Mill. Testing the combination of these three sites allowed us to compare urban vs. rural effects on water quality.


This paper was completed as part of the requirements for ENVS 385 (Research Methods in Environmental Science) at Linfield College.



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