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Bachelor of Arts in English



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Katherine Kernberger

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English Language and Literature


Jane Austen's novels examine many aspects of society and culture in eighteenth century England. She uses wit and her own knowledge to explore the expectations of society from this time. The aesthetics of the picturesque, a movement in art and landscape design during her lifetime, is a central theme throughout many of her novels. Her love for the picturesque clearly shows through, as what seems to be the ideal Austen heroine can best be associated with the picturesque. In The Language of Jane Austen: A Study of Some Aspects of her Vocabulary Myra Stokes says, “The important place held by landscape appreciation in the whole romantic ethos is reflected in a special sense" (179). Austen uses the landscape as a means of examining the distinctions between generation, class, and gender. She uses the landscape as a reflection of character throughout many of her novels.