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The purpose of this paper is to examine how institutional norms are enforced through surveillance and self-discipline among teacher educators at a religious university. The study builds on prior research regarding university norms and surveillance, as well as religious orientation and prejudice. Eight teacher educators met as part of a larger study on white racial identity and praxis. Focus groups and personal interviews were transcribed and analyzed using situational mapping, a postmodern form of grounded theory. Participants discussed four themes that illustrate surveillance and self-discipline: the university, academic culture, religion and whiteness, and sexism. The data reveal participant responses as highly structured by university norms about what one can and cannot say about particular topics. The results confirm the function of surveillance and norms in a university setting and illuminate the process in a religious context. Data reveal how fear played a part of the process, as participants disciplined themselves to fit university norms and censored themselves when they began to exercise agency.

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This is an electronic version of an article published in Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, volume 17, issue 5, 2011, pages 545-558. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice is available online at: doi:10.1080/13540602.2011.602208

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Genevieve Harris
Teacher educators under surveillance at a religious university.
Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 2011, volume 17, issue 5, pages 545-558



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