Frederick Douglass Forum Lecture Series

Frederick Douglass Forum Lecture Series


The central aim of the Frederick Douglass Forum on Law, Rights, and Justice at Linfield University is to promote reflection, discussion, and debate about the rule of law, individual rights, and competing conceptions of justice. The Douglass Forum seeks to achieve this aim through an interdisciplinary minor in Law, Rights, and Justice (housed in the Department of Political Science), student reading/discussion groups, and a lecture, debate, and conference series. This collection includes videos from the lecture, debate, and conference series.


Lectures from 2019

Lawyers, Guns and Money: A Judge Looks at Law, Liberal Arts and Law School, Thomas Balmer

The Humanities in an Algorithmic World, Scott Hartley and Annika Yates

The Liberal Arts and the Arts of Liberty, Susan McWilliams, Pedro Graterol, and Nicholas Buccola

The Task of Liberal Education: Reflections on the Nature of Freedom, Roosevelt Montás and Sara Gomez Horta

Lectures from 2018

Many Lives in One: The Legacies of Frederick Douglass, David W. Blight

Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, Leigh Fought

How to Be an Antiracist & Frederick Douglass's Oration "The Claims of the Negro, Ethnologically Considered", Ibram X. Kendi

Learning to Love Lincoln: Frederick Douglass's Journey from Grievance to Gratitude, Diana Schaub

Constitution Day Conversation about Civility, Diversity, and Inclusion, Sharika Thiranagama, Brandon Turner, Pedro Graterol, and Aspen Brooks

Lectures from 2017

Conversation about Religious Liberty and Discrimination, Mark David Hall and Steven Green

Lectures from 2016

Power Concedes Nothing without a Demand: Frederick Douglass on Emancipation, Nicholas Buccola

Ready for the Revolution? History and the Black Panther Party, Waldo E. Martin

Worlds Apart: Authoritarianism and American Political Divisions on the Eve of the 2016 Election, Jonathan Weiler

Lectures from 2015

William F. Buckley and American Conservatism: Two Lectures, Patrick Allitt and William Hogeland

The Political Ideas of James Baldwin: Two Lectures, Lawrie Balfour and Susan McWilliams

James Baldwin and #BlackLivesMatter, Eddie Glaude Jr.

Me and My House: James Baldwin, Prophet of Freedom, David Leeming

The Political Ideas of William F. Buckley, Jr.: Two Lectures, Joe Lowndes and Will Barndt

Lectures from 2014

A Politician Thinking: The Political Thought of James Madison, Jack Rakove

How Do We Know What the Constitution Means?, Jack Rakove

Lectures from 2013

FDR, Obama, and How Presidents Drop Bombs, Elizabeth Hillman

Why John Locke Still Matters, Kristy King

The Value of Universal Service, Will Marshall and Tom G. Palmer

Education for Freedom: Access and the Promise of Democratic Citizenship, Roosevelt Montás

The Politics of Freedom, Corey Robin and Mark Blitz

Lectures from 2012

Immigrant Workers, Racial Biopolitics and the Meat People Eat, Paul Apostolidis

Why Karl Marx Still Matters, Paul Apostolidis

Has the War on Terror Undermined the U.S. Constitution?, Stephen F. Knott and Ofer Raban

Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche, James Miller