The play Kickin’ Sand and Tellin’ Lies, by Jackson B. Miller and Christopher Forrer, was created as part of the Launching through the Surf: The Dory Fleet of Pacific City project, which focuses on the historical and contemporary role of dory fishers and dories in the life of the coastal village of Pacific City, Oregon. Inspired by stories from the project interviews, the play is a fictional work.

This collection features a full-length video of the play Kickin’ Sand and Tellin’ Lies, filmed during a performance in the Marshall Theatre at Ford Hall on Linfield University’s McMinnville campus. It will also include short time-lapse videos of members of the production ensemble striking the scenery in the Marshall Theatre and loading the show into the Kiawanda Community Center for the performance in Pacific City.


Videos from 2012

Kickin’ Sand and Tellin’ Lies Performance Video, Linfield College Theatre