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crisscrossing Science Episode 015: Myosin, How Muscles Move

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In this episode, Chris Gaiser (professor of biology at Linfield College) and Mike Crosser (professor of physics at Linfield College) invite David Altman (associate professor of physics at Willamette University) into the studio to discuss his research into different forms of a protein called myosin. In cells, there are chains of molecules called actin that criss-cross throughout the cell. Myosin is able to grab onto the actin and pull, causing different forms of work to happen. For instance, bundles of myosin are the cause for muscles to contract. In other examples, myosin can carry cargo through the cell. Gaiser and Crosser discuss these uses, as well as how Altman is able to study the properties of myosin.

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Biological and Chemical Physics | Cell Biology


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