Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications


View publications from Communication Arts faculty in the Theatre and Communication Arts Department at Linfield University.


Submissions from 2013


Building Bridges with Boats: Preserving Community History through Intra- and Inter-Institutional Collaboration, Kathleen Spring and Brenda DeVore Marshall

Submissions from 2010

Tolerancia Crítica y Ciudadanía Activa: Una Introducción Práctica al Debate Educativo, Hernán Bonomo, Juan M. Mamberti, and Jackson B. Miller

Submissions from 2008

Telling Political Lives: The Rhetorical Autobiographies of Women Leaders in the United States, Brenda DeVore Marshall and Molly A. Mayhead

Submissions from 2007


Performing Pennsylvania Hall: Aural Appeals in Angelina Grimké’s Abolitionist Discourse, Jackson B. Miller

Submissions from 2006

Seeing the Big Picture: A Cinematic Approach to Understanding Cultures in America, Ellen Summerfield and Sandra Lee

Submissions from 2005

Women's Political Discourse: A 21st-Century Perspective, Molly A. Mayhead and Brenda DeVore Marshall


Coast to Coast and Culture to Culture: An Intercultural Perspective on Regional Differences in Forensics Pedagogy and Practice, Jackson B. Miller


Coyote's Tale on the Old Oregon Trail: Challenging Cultural Memory through Narrative at the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, Jackson B. Miller


Practicing the Ancient Art of Memoria in the Modern Classroom, Jackson B. Miller

Submissions from 2003


“Legal or Illegal? Documented or Undocumented?” The Struggle over Brookhaven’s Neighborhood Preservation Act, Jackson B. Miller

Submissions from 2000

Navigating Boundaries: The Rhetoric of Women Governors, Brenda DeVore Marshall and Molly A. Mayhead

Submissions from 1999


“Indians,” “Braves,” and “Redskins”: A Performative Struggle for Control of an Image, Jackson B. Miller