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Art and Design | Sculpture


This sculpture was created as part of the Linfield College course Introduction to Studio, taught by Totem Shriver.

Artist's Statement

Materialize is a collaborative work produced between January 5 and January 14, 2016 using toothpicks (both standard and gargantuan size) and wood glue to produce a three-dimensional sculpture suggesting a butterfly perched on the chrysalis it emerged from moments before. These subjects were selected because we wanted to work with a creature that we were all familiar with, which would allow us to modify the subject with some creative freedom. The construction you see before you has undergone repositioning, countless revisions and detail modifications, and we see this process as a part of recreating how the subject undergoes metamorphosis in real life.

Materialize was also intended to represent the Japanese aesthetic of Sabi-Wabi, which focuses on imperfection and a state of constant transition. Our work is not perfect, symmetrical, or heavily patterned with geometric shapes; rather, it relies on roughness and irregularity to provide visual interest for the viewer, as well as a point of contemplation. As a result, viewers can see transition and metamorphosis in the figure as a whole and in focusing on the smaller details of how the piece is constructed, from awkward angles and slathers of wood glue that adorn the body of the chrysalis.


Photograph courtesy of Mackenzie Larson '16.


toothpicks, sculpture


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