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This sculpture was created as part of the Linfield College course Introduction to Studio, taught by Totem Shriver. In honor of Linfield professor and artist Nils Lou, who passed away in December 2013, this year's sculptures respond to the prompt of "a dream house for Nils."

Artist's Statement

At the beginning of this project we played around with a few ideas for what kind of "Dream House" Nils would have built, which is exactly what he would have wanted! Us to play. Ships have always been a metaphor for passing into the beyond but we wanted this boat to be different, more playful. So our design was based off of a toy boat that you would make out of paper. Originally we planned to leave the boat unfinished, as if to say that Nils's dream house would never truly be done. As we progressed with this idea it turned into what it is now; a shipwreck forever captured within a bottle. We encourage our audience to draw their own meanings behind this, just as we have. Nils leaves us broken with his passing, but never will he be forgotten. The memory will stay captured. Hauntingly beautiful.


Photograph courtesy of Caroline Turina '15.

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