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Temple of Inner Fire is the collaborative sculpture built by the Introduction to Studio class at Linfield College during the 2012 January term. On April 20, 2012 it was burned to the ground in a celebration to complete the cycle of collaboration and creation. The Introduction to Studio class included students Michael K. Carrillo, Nicholas Fairhart, Abe Harder-Cattell, Sherilyn Harrington, Bryce Hayunga, Cameron Howser, Marina Jablonski, Ashley Kimi, Tim Marl, Joey Paysinger, Cole Perry, Chloe Shields, Kate Straube, Addison Wisthoff, and Dawn Wyruchowski.

Photographer's Notes

The central pyre visible in Temple of Inner Fire Collaborative Burn Sculpture 07 can be seen directing the path of the flames in this image.


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