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The Tenth Suite is the collaborative sculpture built by the Introduction to Studio class at Linfield College during the 2018 January term. On April 20, 2018, the sculpture was burned to the ground in the field west of Miller Fine Arts. The Introduction to Studio class included students Issac Archer, Clem Dorsey, Leisa Eto, Chi Fumagalli, A.J. Harter, Clara Jones, Aly Langer, Savannah Simmons, Koa Tomich, and C.J. Turley.

Instructor's Note

"The Tenth Suite" is the 10th consecutive "Built to Burn" sculpture. It was created over two weeks of January term. The sculpture will remain in the courtyard for all to enjoy until April 13th. At that time it will be moved to the field behind the Art Department. In the early evening on April 20th we will gather in the field to light it on fire and release our pent-up energies from the previous year in a communal ahhhhhh! Hope you enjoy their endeavors and hope to see you at the burn.


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