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Art and Design | Sculpture


Amalgamation is the collaborative sculpture built by the Introduction to Studio class at Linfield College during the 2017 January term. On April 21, 2017, the sculpture was burned to the ground in the field west of Miller Fine Arts. The Introduction to Studio class included peer assistant Jasmine Fojas and students Shelby Erickson, Emma Gomes, Liu Chen, Erin Moller, Bailey Morales, Mary Moriarty, Rachelle Ouye, Nathan Pierce, Bryan (Bruce) Satterwhite, Danyel Walling, and Haley Williamson.

Artist's Statement

Life is a lot like a Mulligan stew with people contributing numerous different herbs, spices, vegetables, and assorted meats to the pot to create something new that everyone can enjoy. Same can be applied to works of art, namely this great and wonderous chaotic mess of art. From the variety of structural design with a simple box and chess piece entries, a hexagonal tower akin to a medieval castle, and a great crown on the very top, to the tremendous variety in artistic paintings and design scattered about both inside and out, featuring vibrant colors that appeal to the eye and astonishingly intricate images for all to enjoy. While many projects falling under the control of the group (collaboration) denote themselves to a single theme, we gave ourselves permission to reject a singular idea and rather decided to let imagination run free and rampant, giving birth towards something magnanimously wonderful. Behold the Amalgamation of Imagination!


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