2017 Student Thesis Exhibition



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Art and Design | Art Practice | Sculpture


Points of Departure is made of rebar, copper, and wood.

Artist's Statement
I have no interest in meaningless interactions with individuals. Growing up, my life was full of broken connections and uncertainty. The ones I have found already are held onto as if my life depends on it. This has shaped the person I am today. Someone who puts herself out there with no clear direction, trusting that the energy I put out into the world will bring me to those who are doing the same. Once that connection is made, there is electricity. When we come together and be our honest selves, the world can feel it. If we hold back and keep our energy in, we will always be hopelessly searching. I could simply sit still and hope people come to me, or I could put myself out there and grow with others through love and passion. My piece represents people putting themselves out there, not sure when they are going to make connections, as well as the beauty of when energies meet by accident as a result of shamelessly sharing their energy with the world.

So to all who are reading this, go out into this world with open and clear minds. Share your true self, connect with others, say hi to someone you see every day but don't know who they are. And to those connections you already have, hold onto them closely. Each day is not a promised one.


This work appeared in JAK the Trifecta: A Story of Coalesce, the 2017 Thesis Exhibition at Linfield College. Image courtesy of Kailee Scott-Unger.

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sculpture, installation art


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