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Beneath the Surface is made of wood and black X-acto kinfe cut paper.

Artist's Statement for The Untold Story
All my years of being alive on this Earth, I have never thought as hard as now on what the importance of my story is. Never have I been so critical or in tune with unraveling the journey that is my own. Mine. A statement that embodies ownership, possession, and a selfishness in which it is kept tucked away in the flesh of the heart. A culmination of moments and memories that provide meaning to my existence. Yet, why are they so difficult to tame?

In an instant, they run wild on the darkest of nights or softly flutter by on a sun-kissed morning. The point being, some aspects of existence are out of my control. To digest the inevitability of the uncontrollable, I obsess over these stories until they are brought to life. The physicality of the piece fills in the gaps of the festering emotional aspects of each story. There is a sense of tranquility that develops when each story is captured in the confinements of a shadowbox or canvas. In essence, a barrier to restrain the chaos and immersion found within the Untold Story. I discovered a coping method within my medium, the Silhouette.

The exploration of the silhouette is one I have chosen to continue on my own search to find my story. The silhouette is derived from a narrative of symbolic elements that effect the perception of every individual. I am essentially in pursuit of the untold story. I previously named the narrative as being "a story that does not exist," but I believe that concept did not accurately embody the true nature of what I wanted to portray. The Silhouette takes on a new role, whether that be a visceral response to a familiar place embedded in nostalgia or a narrative pertaining to one's own story. I am in essence the Puppet Master. I shape your perception, I form your response, and I am telling your untold story.


This work appeared in JAK the Trifecta: A Story of Coalesce, the 2017 Thesis Exhibition at Linfield College. Image courtesy of Kailee Scott-Unger.


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