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Art and Design | Art Practice | Fiber, Textile, and Weaving Arts | Industrial and Product Design | Painting


Untitled, painting and interior design on panel.

Artist's Statement

I found my artistic voice when I first combined painting and interior design. Painting is a therapeutic endeavor for me; the physicality of painting is something I didn't want to give up in my exploration of interior design. The inspiration in my work is a blend of design, architecture and textiles. Pattern making is where I began; I found the process of pattern creation through drips and non-objective surfaces. Those patterns became swatch-like designs for wooden canvases that I imagined on a larger scale. This show is an accumulation of possible interior spaces. Through my work I intend to heighten awareness of our lived environments. I do this by seeking a synthesis between the concerns of studio fine art and those of interior design.


This work appeared in lam.prey, the 2016 Thesis Exhibition at Linfield College. Image courtesy of Kailee Scott-Unger.

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