2014 Student Thesis Exhibition



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Creation Date

Spring 2014


installations (visual works)


Art and Design | Art Practice


This installation, made from gel transfer photographs and thread, measures 13 feet by 20 feet.

Artist's Statement

Most of us thrive on human connectivity. We want to be wanted, we're unhappy when we're not. Much of our relationship with others is premised upon our fear of isolation . . . of being alone, being apart from who and what we love . . . our fear of losing something or someone. What happens when the other side of the connection is gone? Unresolved emotions, high-fives left hanging, hearts that keep searching for something which has already left. What happens to those threads that connect us to one another . . . the ones that are cut loose and left blowing in the wind? My work is an exploration of these questions and through it I am driven to create something more than a simple portrait, but rather, an experience that brings you in, makes a connection and leaves an impression . . . a residue, something that questions, something that feels and makes you feel.

My installation stitching together abstract portraits of the human body portrays the complex, delicate and sometimes invisible connections that hold our personal relationships together. Conveying a celebration of life and combining the papery thin fragility of its stature, my pieces mediate between concepts of life and death, the beautiful and grotesque, and the mystery that lies behind the relationship between my pain at the loss of people I love and my celebration of living and those who have lived.


This work appeared in The Buffet, the 2014 Thesis Exhibition at Linfield College. Photograph courtesy of Robin Cone-Murakami.

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