2014 Student Thesis Exhibition





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Creation Date

Spring 2014


mixed media


Art and Design | Art Practice


Network, made of wood, bison horn, and metal, measures 95 inches by 20 inches by 14 inches.

Artist's Statement


My work pushes the boundaries of the body; through dissection I separate and combine the fragmented anatomies of human and beastly forms. When the humanness is finally stripped away a more feral design emerges. That moment when the hybrid form containing partly bestial and partly human shape is realized, the power of the body and life is established. This ability to shape shift or to transform from human to animal is frequently referenced all over the world; however, the most influential for me are the Native legends from North and Central America. By referencing these legends I tap into my ancient bloodline. This connection is seen through the materials I use in my work. Creating my work, however, requires a potent fuel. In order to create, I must reflect on past events, primarily negative events that have happened throughout my life. Fortunately, when I create something out of that negativity I discover the medicine my mind and body crave and need.


This work appeared in The Buffet, the 2014 Thesis Exhibition at Linfield College. Photograph courtesy of Holly Vader.


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