2012 Student Portfolio Exhibition



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Spring 2012


sculpture (visual works)


Art and Design | Art Practice


Artist's Statement

In my woodcarvings, I am focused on two different aesthetics. My freestanding work has allowed me to focus on the three-dimensional aspects of sculpture. Within this vein of my art I have chosen to work with historic beams, which have served a previous function. Over the years of their life they have acquired a weathered appearance, which I find attractive. Their unique patina signifies a history, which I aim to preserve. In order to do so, I employ the use of simple geometric shapes and subsequently carve within them, hollowing out the forms. I have found this to be a very effective method to attain my goal of simultaneously engaging in the act of carving, while still preserving the beams' unique voice. This allows a sense of authenticity to pervade the piece.

Simultaneously, I have also begun incorporating the method of lamination into my practice. I have experimented with joining different types of wood together to create varying compositions. The juxtaposition of the wood's coloration and the individualistic qualities of each piece of wood is a factor that I must consider in my work. I create my compositions based on my knowledge of how the wood will react to certain carving techniques. It is my preference that the design of a piece coincides with the traits for the wood and enhances them rather than competes with them. The compositions that I create are based on form, and they display an overall clean aesthetic. These compositions employ the use of large geometric forms, which play with shadow as well as light.

These two bodies of work are unified by their emphasis on form and minimalist aesthetic. I seek equilibrium between the natural and refined characteristics of the wood, as well as through the juxtaposition between old and new. By working in this manner it is my hope that a sense of balance pervades my work.


This work appeared in b., the 2012 Portfolio Exhibition at Linfield College. Photograph courtesy of Kathleen Spring.


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