2012 Student Portfolio Exhibition



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Creation Date

Spring 2012


installations (visual works)


Art and Design | Art Practice


Artist's Statement

How do you interpret/define ‘nothing’? When I represent something in front of you and tell you what ‘nothing’ is, you may immediately disagree: “Erm… I don’t see nothing here.” But wait a minute, what is really nothing? Can you clearly define it, or at least describe how it is in your mind? To me, ‘nothing’ is something that ends up with voids, or something that originates from voids, and is something in between of existence and inexistence. However, nothing can be anything, can be everything. I cannot explain nothing to you, nor can I represent nothing to you.

In everyone’s heart, there is a void. You can always let it be a void with nothing; you can also grow something within it, but the void will always be there. The voids I created on the ground are the embodiment of struggling with our inner voids.


This work appeared in b., the 2012 Portfolio Exhibition at Linfield College. Photograph courtesy of Luyuan Peng.

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