2011 Student Portfolio Exhibition


Forever Stained 02

This work appeared in concentrated chaos, the 2011 Thesis/Portfolio Exhibition at Linfield College. Photograph courtesy of Adriana Daoust.

To download a video of Forever Stained, refer to Forever Stained 01; click on the link in additional files to download the video.


Artist's Statement

Performance and acting allows one to behave honestly in their imagined circumstance. My performances are reflective of my genuine emotions and reactions to life’s difficulties, without filters. In social interaction, like many others, habit is to bottle up anger and sadness so that it may be processed later. Negative emotions are meant to be dealt with in privacy.

My performances are a view into my private world that has been so strongly affected by love. The love I deal with through this series of performances is the deep connection shared between lovers. These ties stain and mark the individual forever and permanently change both people. In these performances I act out the emotions I have experienced through the gain and loss of this deep and forever staining love. From happiness to bitterness, each emotion has left its mark. Through my use of objects and minimal words, I leave the interpretation open for the viewers so they may reflect similar emotions and toils.