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In the 19th century, natural historians made drawings of specimens they cataloged from around the world. Similar to these scientists, artist Liz Obert records the plants, trash, and insects in her yard with her camera. The final images contain data pertaining to the climate and location. This includes a personal journal entry and a news headline. The result is a still-life photograph that documents not only the area, but also the culture of the era.

The digital ink jet print measures 5.75 inches by 5 inches and is displayed in a shadow box.


This work appeared in Latitude=45 Longitude=122, an exhibit by Liz Obert, at the Studio Gallery at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. Image courtesy of Liz Obert. For more information on Liz Obert, visit her website.

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Al-Qaeda, hectic schedule, Pakistan, thistle


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